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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughts on the Rodeo

I went to the rodeo Wednesday night. Because I am from Texas. That is what we do!

I had a great time and it was such a blessing. We were not going to be able to go this year, but my sister and brother-in-law blessed us by asking us to go with them.

I had several thoughts afterwards that I wanted to share. I am not sure why I feel the need to share my thoughts....hmmmmm....I hope that doesn't say anything bad about me!

Thoughts about Cowboys:
  • I like them. Not more than my hubby, but I really like them. They are brave and fearless and manly.
  • I like cowboy hats. And chaps. Just sayin.
  • Even after all these years, I still wish I was a cowgirl. I still want a horse. Just something I have never grown out of I guess.
Thoughts about the young ladies who attend rodeos:
  • Wear more clothes.
  • Buy bigger clothes.
  • Just because you have a big belt buckle on does not mean you have on enough clothes.
  • If after every other step you have to tug your dress down so that you do not have a major wardrobe malfunction right in the middle of the arena, maybe it is too short. Or maybe, it is not a dress at all-----maybe it is a shirt! And you should add a pair of pants! Just a thought.
  • To the woman walking around with her jeans and her little white vest----um, darlin'---vests were designed to wear OVER a shirt. Really. They were not meant to wear by themselves. I guess you didn't know that.
  • To all the Moms and Dads- just wondering- did you see what your daughter had on when she left the house? You might want to rethink your parenting decisions.
Thoughts about arena food:
  • $4.00 for a Coke----really????
Okay, that is all. Nothing earth shattering or anything spiritual. Just some thoughts from the rodeo.


  1. Lol! I had some of these same thoughts! :P I couldn't agree more...but I think ALL the cowboys make up for some of the more outrageous stuff you find at the rodeo. Hahah.

  2. Having just been to the rodeo last week, I am nits about this post. Where's the "Like" button? Lisa~

  3. Lisa,
    I just read your post on the Rodeo- so funny. We couldn't understand a single word of our singer either! Too funny.