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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Take My Hand

One of the most fearful moments for a Mom is to be in a crowded place and to realize you cannot find your small child. They are so small and they can't be seen amongst all the people.

So what does a Mom do then? You throw all pride and dignity to the wind and search frantically, call loudly, and interrogate anyone and everyone until you locate your missing child. Oh the joy indescribable when that missing lamb is discovered.

After hugging hard, and scolding gently or vehemently (in direct proportion to how long you searched for him) you take him or her firmly by the hand to walk back through the crowd together. You can see easily which way to go as you lead your newly rescued child because you are an adult. And even if you are a height-challenged adult, like me, you can usually find your way through the crowd.

But think about this from the young child's perspective.

What do they see?

A forest of legs, one indistinguishable from the other except for the type of pants and the length and the width of those pants. It must be a very bewildering sight from their eye level. Maybe that is how they got lost in the first place. They thought they were following the right pair of jeans, but when they looked all the way up to the face....it was the wrong face.

I can completely identify with those little ones.

Life can be filled with lots of pairs of "legs".

There can be money problems or relationship problems. There can be medical issues or car issues or issue issues. There can be job complications or school complications or parenting complications.

As I stand and try to find my Father in such a crowd it is easy for me to get lost. Maybe I thought I was following the right pair of legs, but when I looked up...it was the wrong face.

What do I do now? Sit down and cry?

If I were to fly away on the wings of the dawn,
and settle on the other side of the sea,
even there Your hand would guide me,
Your right hand would grab hold of me.
Ps. 139:9,10

Oh, that's right I am not out of my Father's sight. He has thrown off all His Dignity and come to earth as a baby and a Saviour. He will find me. He will take me by the hand. He will guide me.

And while I still cannot not make my way through that "forest of legs" on my own, I can rest my hand in the Hand of the One Who can see the way.

Guide me into Your truth and teach me.
For You are the God who delivers me;
on You I rely all day long.
Ps 25:5

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