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Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding The Way Out

I love hummingbirds.

I love how small, yet powerful, they are.
They are fast.
They fly backwards.
They stop in midair.
They are as close to perpetual motion as I have ever seen.

They also remind me of Colorado, which to me means VACATION!

I just got back from vacation, and being on vacation would be one of the reasons I haven't written anything for two months. Only one of the reasons- but a happy reason, so let's stick with that one.

And while up in the mountains, I had the most extraordinary experience.
One of my favorite vacation "activities" is to lie on the swing on our screened in porch and read. And read. And read. And then sleep. It is awesome.

But one afternoon, as I was reading, I heard the sound of a hummingbird that seemed really close. And sounded a little odd. When I looked up I saw two hummingbirds INSIDE the screened in porch! The door was slightly ajar and they had somehow managed to fly in.

My amazement was matched by their frustration.

They were on the screen.
They could feel the fresh air.
They could smell the flowers.

Yet the screen posed an insurmountable obstacle. Freedom seemed so close, and yet was so elusive. They flew and flew up and down that screen, but they could not figure out how to go THROUGH it.

Susan to the rescue!

Brilliant idea #1: open door wide, and they will sense the air and fly through.
Result: Nope. They stayed on the screen, trying desperately to get to the fresh air they could feel flowing through.

Brilliant idea #2: gently herd them toward the door. 
Result: Ever tried to herd hummingbirds? Yep. About as easy as it sounds. They flew around the door to the screen on the other side!

Now I was out of brilliant ideas.

But, after a bit, the sweet little birds were getting so tired from trying so hard they began sitting of the ledge. I saw a small window of opportunity.

Brilliant idea #3: Pick them up and take them to a feeder.
Result: First of all, I now know from personal experience, that holding a hummingbird in your hand is about like holding a cotton ball. They weigh almost nothing. And second of all, if they are tired out from beating against an immovable object for an hour, they will let you carry them.

After getting them to nourishment, they flew off. Slower than normal. But they did fly off.

But I had been thinking.
How often was I like those hummingbirds?
  • I get myself into a pickle.
  • Then I beat against an immovable object in frustration.
  • I ignore the way out in my pursuit of what seems, at the time, the only actual option.
"No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it."  -I Cor. 10:13

How often has God opened the door to my way of escape but I have stubbornly ignored it while pursuing what seems the only logical solution?

How worn out do I have to get before I will let Him pick me up and carry me to where I need to be?

Watching that bird try desperately and hopelessly to make its own way out, convicted me deeply.

Instead of TRYING SO HARD to fight my circumstances, and achieving no result, I should cry out like David did, "I am in trouble; hear me speedily. Draw near to my soul, and redeem it; deliver me!" -Ps 69:17,18

What insurmountable obstacle is in your way this morning?

Cry out to God!
He is faithful!
He has already made the way of escape!
He will deliver you!

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