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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thoughts on the Spurs Silver Dancers

Last Sunday I had the rare opportunity to go to a Spurs game.

Let me set the stage:

George Gervin in knee socks!

  • I LOVE the Spurs.
  • I RARELY get to go to a game.
  • I did not become a Spurs fan once they started winning championships. No sir. I have been a  Spurs fan since they played at Hemisphere arena.  Can anyone say "George Gervin"?
  • On many levels, I think David Robinson is the greatest. athlete. and. gentleman. ever.
  • Though not usually prone to being a big mascot fan (something about grown men running around in stuffed furry costumes always sort of gave me the creeps), but I really enjoy the Spurs Coyote. 

I love me some Spurs.

Go! Spurs! Go!

Okay, so with that in mind, let me tell you about Sunday.  We are so excited to go to the game.  I mean, what a season the Spurs are having!  And the last game they had played against the Heat was amazing!  

Um.  Sunday?  Not so much.

The Spurs came to the game, but apparently left their knowledge of how to actually play basketball at home.

22 straight wins at home.  And we go to the game where that amazing streak ends.


But all of the above is just extra, because that is not the point of this blog.

At the end of the very embarrassing first quarter of non-basketball playing, the Spurs Silver Dancers come out on the court.

Excuse me?  Are you kidding me?  

First of all- where did they get those outfits?  And who let them out of the locker room looking like that?

Second of all- some of their dance moves-  um-   I just can't come up with the words.  At least not ones I think are appropriate to write.

Do you remember in "Father of the Bride Two" with Steve Martin when he has having an 
argument with the females in his family and asks, "Why am I the only feminist here?"

That is how I felt on Sunday night.

Why am I the only feminist here?

I am a stay-at-home, progeny-producing, let-my-husband-lead-the-familying, homeschooling girl.  Not exactly a good candidate for Gloria Steinem.  

But why, in an age when supposedly we want women to be valued for more than their body do we sit idly by while women FLAUNT THEIR BODY as if that is the only asset that matters?  Is this the respect that the women's movement promised?  Was this the result they expected?

So, back to the game.

So these, .....um, ......hmmm, ......what to call them?.......,"dancers" come out and the two men I am with, my son and my husband, because they are REAL men, and GOOD men, looked straight down.

Actually you really needed to use the "this plane is going to crash so assume the crash position" type of looking down because the girls were on the court and the big screen and just everywhere and it was a little hard to get away from them.

And I was mad.

I mean, actually, I was already mad because the Spurs had played a horrible first quarter, and it was against the Lakers (and I hate the Lakers), and their was an obnoxious Lakers fan RIGHT next to us, and just when it seemed it couldn't get any worse....

THEY pranced out on the floor. 

If you think about it, if those "dancers" walked out of the arena in those outfits and down the street and stood on the corner waiting for, say, the walk sign to turn green, they might just be detained by a police officer for possible "illegal activity".....just saying.

And then they started to dance.  Okay.  STOP DANCING LIKE THAT.  Oh, I am sorry. Did I yell?


It was just awful.  And I cringed every single time they pranced back out there through that whole miserable game.

The first game the Spurs lost after 22 straight wins at home!

Oh, sorry, got off topic again.

Later, after talking to a friend about the Silver Dancers she related that her family stopped going to games because of those Dancers!

That makes me think.  I don't want to sit idly by any more.

So, my first attempt at not sitting idly by is to write this post.  Impressive. I know.

Okay, possibly more action will be required.  I think I will write a letter to the Spurs and at least let them know how un-family-friendly their dancers are. Maybe they actually think all the fans like "dancers" like that?

Maybe I will send all the "dancers" black t-shirts that can be put on next time, since apparently none of them can afford to BUY A SHIRT to wear in front of thousands of fans.

I just might have to do more.

I am still thinking about it.  What to do. What to do?


  1. First the rodeo and now this?! It's disgusting. Lisa~

  2. The last SPURS game that we went to (Silver Circle tickets GIVEN to us by one of Ken's clients) they not only had the Silver "Dancers" but a "guest group" that consisted of a group of girls aged 9-13 (!!!) that were dressed IDENTICALLY to what the Silver Dancers were wearing AND they danced just like them. And the crowd cheered and clapped. Sick. We complained but never received a response :-(

    And I can definitely say "George Gervin!" Die hard SPURS fan here :-)

  3. I know Lisa- there seems to be a "trend of irritation" here....I guess it can be summed up with four little words: "put on more clothes" or "act like a lady". ;-)

  4. So glad I'm not the only one that feels this way...about dancers/cheerleaders/commercials...the way all young women are subjected to this is borderline abusive! Don't you love having a GOOD man that knows when to show some respect??
    Love your blog,