...running the course God sets before us, no matter the cost, no matter the task, to the end, for His glory

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I had a lightbulb moment today.

I was wondering about the question- when something bad happens did God cause it or just allow it?

I guess that while I completely believe and rest in the sovereignty of God, I do not believe He causes bad things. He did not desire or cause Eve to take a bite of the apple. But He did allow her the free will to choose the apple. Even though He knew of the consequences it would cause. Even though He knew it would hurt her and everything around her. He allowed it.

And all of that is fine in the academic- but when something bad happens in your life, there is another question-
Why did He not stop it from happening?

Today, my son walks through a more painful situation than I could have ever imagined
-why did God not protect him?

Today, I learned of a young man that was terribly hurt in a tragic car accident
-why did God not prevent it?

Today, we are struggling financially
-why did God not provide?

And then the light bulb went off.

God does not have to demean himself to reveal His truth to me, but out of His love, he sometimes does.

This is what He showed me:

He allows these things because He is able to carry me through them.

No, this revelation is not rocket science, but think about it a minute. If something terrible occurs in your life, your Heavenly Father is right there beside you ready to catch you, to carry you, to sustain you, to lead you. Yes, He allowed it to happen, but He never desired for you to go through it alone. And He knows your needs and He has designed His solution to bring you closer to Himself.

That really isn't saying He designed the pain. It doesn't mean He desired for someone to sin against me. It doesn't mean He directed the car to run into me. But it does mean if God was not SUFFICIENT enough to carry me through the ordeal, if He was not COMPLETE enough to make up for the loss, if He was not CARING and TENDER enough to assuage the broken heart then the difficulties would be just that- difficulties without any redeeming value.

But since God is SUFFICIENT enough, and COMPLETE enough, and TENDER enough then not only does He bring good out of bad, but He tenderly cares for His children to enable them to weather the storm. He will love you, He will care for you, and He will transform that situation into something that changes you, but does not destroy you.

Thank you Lord for Your sustaining, changing, redeeming power and might and that You allow nothing into my life that You are not prepared to carry me through.